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Radish & Chive Compound Butter

Yes, yes, I know...I've been posting a lot about radishes lately, but they are SO GOOD. And I can actually successfully grow them in my garden! This is the last one for awhile...promise! It's a good one and you're welcome in advance ;)

Fresh radishes dipped in butter and sprinkled with salt is a classic French preparation that's incredibly easy to recreate at home. I had the most mouthwatering radishes in France, I literally dream of them! They were spicy, crispy and juicy and paired with creamy fatty tastebuds were in heaven. I'm taking the experience one step further and introducing another way to enjoy radishes! Compound butter. Y U M

Methods you can, as always, substitute in different herbs if you'd like and play around with the lemon zest or even switch up the citrus! Make it your own!

Uses Serve this butter on freshly baked crusty bread, biscuits or crips. Drop a generous pat on top of a sizzling steak or pork chop. Smother it a baked potato or on grilled cheese...You really can't go wrong substituting it for butter at almost anytime. AND it adds color to your table. Oh La La! Look at that bougie butter!


1/2 Cup salted butter - room temp

2 Tblsp finely chopped radishes

2 Tblsp chopped chives

1 tsp of lemon zest (to taste)

Fresh ground pepper to taste


Simply beat the softened butter with the radishes and chives until it's well blended. Adjust ingredients for flavor're done! Chill until you're ready to serve and eatUP!



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