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The Philosophy
Go (verb) "move from one place to another" 
Up ( adverb) "toward a higher place or position"

eatUP! is all about moving UP! Meaning, movement towards your goals and elevating your life. My job as a Nutrition Coach is to help you elevate your plate, specifically with recipes and coaching to fuel not only your body, but your soul. How we get there is based on several steps:

1. Get Confident. Let's kick yesterday's setbacks to the curb and move forward with a new confidence and commitment. Things happen and you have to keep moving. Better thoughts lead to better decisions and ultimately better results! Ripples make waves. The subtle and small changes in how you approach food will help you to balance your life and will lead to massive change. Your mind is so powerful. Maintaining a positive mindset and combining that with intentional actions will allow you to reach your goals more quickly and sustain that change.

2. Get Smart. There is an overwhelming amount of information about nutrition out there. Everyone has their own opinion about what works best and that's usually what has worked for them. But guess what, you aren't them! We will identify your challenges and your triggers and arm you with the education and tools to send you down a path towards an elevated lifestyle, based on your values and new habits. I will give you the knowledge to set a foundation for success and maintain consistency in your behaviors. 

3. Get Satisfied. Eating well means more than eating foods that are "good for you." It means you are intentionally eating something you enjoy that will nourish you physically and mentally. At it's core, food is intended to provide your body with fuel. But it really is so much more than that. Food is social. It is emotional. It's recreational. My goal for you is that your meals feed you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially and that you feel good eating them! 

4. Get Balanced. We will narrow in on your digestion, sleep management, water intake, movement, hormones, cravings, and hunger. You will build habits in all areas of your life to create that long-term change you've been struggling with. Your journey with health is personal and your challenges and experiences are your own. The journey can be enjoyable - no fad diets, 30-day miracle workouts, or “bad” foods included.

So...what are you waiting for?  Let's GO



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