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Hi! I'm Jillian.

I am imperfect. I am a warrior. I am playful, sarcastic and crass. I am forgiving. I am real. I am a daughter, a Wife, a Mother, a Friend. I am bougie AF. I am an employee and I am a boss. I. Am. You.

And recently...I took charge of my life. 

I have never been naturally fit or thin. I am uncoordinated and have an issue with depth perception that makes me afraid of balls flying at my face. I was not athletic (killed it in choir though) and movement wasn't something that came easily to me. After high school I stopped moving as much/at all, and the freshman 15 came for me. I shed it easily enough, but throughout my life, it showed back up, just like Cindy Lauper. (Time after Time)


I yo-yo'd through fitness studios finding programs that worked for my lifestyle at the time. Dance, Spin, CrossFit, small group training and I ended up kinda-fit! I drank a lot of wine, didn't sleep enough, drank little water, and ate a lot of cheese curds. (it was my 20s) Super weird thing about that...that lifestyle is not sustainable.

During the COVID pandemic, I spent time...a lot of time at home, with my thoughts and feelings. Echk. That is not my favorite thing. I am not a slow down and process gal. I am a slyly get in there and work it or just run in with my hair on fire kind of gal. So really sitting with my lifestyle was difficult for me. With a push from my "Fitness Angel", Megan from Studio ME, I pulled up old memories (and recipes) from when I had a catering business and it threw me over a cliff into a sea of foodie memories...and more!

I dove into nutrition and wellness, and I feel alive again. I became my first client. After struggling to balance life, maintaining diet, water, sleep, sex life, work, parenting, family, friends, hobbies, happiness, I was overwhelmed. I took a step back and figured out why.

I reviewed the process of why. What am I doing or not doing, on such a consistent basis, that with every step forward, I take two back. With every new diet; Atkins, paleo, keto, I end up even worse off than I was before.  I stopped. I stood still. I took a look at proper nutrition and physical activity and balance and what it means to be imperfect. I make good nutritional choices and still eat delicious tacos in between supersets and spin classes. I do it in a way that is customized for me and sustainable. I want to share that with you so you can feel good in and about your body!

Send me a message to learn more! I cannot wait to hear from you! 



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